World Economic Forum drops Twitter, favours Chinese social media

Following Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, the World Economic Forum seems to be attempting to move away from the social media network in favour of Facebook, LinkedIn and Chinese-owned networks, TikTok, Weibo and WeChat.

In a guide on how to follow the controversial WEF 2023 Annual Meeting on 16-20 January in Davos, Twitter was initially left off a list of social media networks.

But following an article by Zero Hedge, it appears the network was hastily added to the top of the list late on December 29 (whoops… thanks for the reminder, ‘Tyler’!).

WEF twitter
World Economic Forum twitter WEF Twitter

However, the WEF is only suggesting people follow the #wef23 hashtag, not the offical WEF Twitter account, as it has done in previous years.

Instead, people are being directed to follow the official WEF LinkedIn page, Facebook group, Instagram account, YouTube channel, TikTok account, and Weibo and WeChat channels.

Along with this, the Forum is also directing people to a range of obscure Facebook and LinkedIn groups in favour of Twitter. These include:

  • The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship Facebook group 
  • UpLink Facebook group
  • Facebook group
  • Young Global Leaders LinkedIn group
  • Global Shapers Community LinkedIn group
  • Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship LinkedIn group
  • UpLink LinkedIn group
  • LinkedIn group
  • Tropical Forest Alliance LinkedIn group

WEF Twitter posts slow

Analysis of the World Economic Forum’s recent use of social media shows its communications via Twitter have slowed dramatically in recent days.

WEF Facebook – 77 post in the last two days

WEF Twitter – No post since December 23

WEF TikTok – 32 posts in December

WEF WeChat – 29 posts in December

The #WorldEconomicFourm hashtag on Twitter is heavily dominated by critics of the organisation.

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