Truth Social stock: How to buy & the huge value of Trump’s holdings

Donald Trump’s Truth Social stock could be worth more than $3 billion when listed on the NASDAQ.

The listing of the social media network’s parent company Trump Media & Technology Group has been made possible after shareholders of a SPAC, known as Digital World Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: DWAC), approved a deal to merge with Trump Media & Technology Group.

Under the deal, Donal Trump will be the majority shareholder of the new merged entity with almost 80 million shares.

Digital World Acquisition Corp. stock closed a $36.94 on Friday. Thus, the total value of Trump’s stake would stand at around $3 billion.

Pending last-minute legal complications, the listing of the new entity will take place in the coming days.

The new company will be called Trump Media & Technology Group. It’s new ticker will be DJT (Donald J Trump’s initials).

So, to buy Truth Social Stock investors will simply need to search DJT on their brokerage platforms and execute a trade.

Digital World Acquisition Corp’s shareholders also voted to appoint six close confidants of Donald Trump to the new entity’s board. They include:

  • Donald Trump Jr. (Donal Trump’s son)
  • Devin Nunes (appointed as company CEO – a former Republican Representative)
  • Robert Lighthizer (a trade representative during the Trump administration)
  • Linda McMahon (ran the Small Business Administration during the Trump administration)
  • Kashyap “Kash” Patel (White House national security aide during the Trump administration)

Truth Social was launched by Trump after he was kicked off Twitter and Facebook in January 2021.

It’s estimated Truth Social has around 5 million active users as at the beginning of March 2024.

Trump’s Truth Social stock could be targeted

Some Truth Social users and shareholders have expressed concerns about the Truth Social stock listing.

Ed Krassenstein from KrassenCast says Truth Social stock could be shorted in politically-motivated attacks on Trump if he becomes President.

“This is the worst possible thing that could happen for both America and shareholders. Why? Because Trump would potentially become the majority share holder of the stock. This means that every foreign government could control Trump’s net worth,” said Krassenstein.

“If he becomes President again, that means that any foreign government could short the stock to harm Trump personally, or massively buy the stock to help him. The potential for corruption would be ridiculous.

“If Trump were to divest upon winning the election, he would likely single-handedly crash the stock, and investors would lose hugely. This move is terrible. Everyone should be outraged, but Republicans seem to be celebrating.”

Upon listing, Trump would be prevented from selling any stock for six months.

However, the deal will see Trump rewarded with 40 million additional shares if Trump Media & Technology Group stock trades above $17.50 for 20 trading days.