Nomura lists Japan’s First Actively Managed ETFs

Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd. (NAM), the core company within the Investment Management Division of Nomura Group, today announced that it has listed the NEXT FUNDS Japan Growth Equity Active Exchange Traded Fund and the NEXT FUNDS Japan High Dividend Equity Active Exchange Traded Fund, the first actively managed ETFs in Japan.

From today, investors can trade the ETFs on the TSE through securities dealers and traders in Japan. The listing rules for actively managed ETFs were implemented in June 2023, allowing NAM to launch new products that can benefit from the added value of active management through its unique stock selection process, while providing the characteristics of existing ETFs: convenience of tradability at market value in real time, generally lower costs than investment trusts, and transparency through daily disclosure of constituent stocks. 

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Japanese stocks are expected to rise over the medium to long term as Japanese companies become more profitable.

NAM has established two different strategies that can be used by a wide range of investors. The NF Japan Growth Equity Active ETF is a growth strategy that focuses on return on equity and captures gains in stock prices over the medium to long term.

The NF Japan High Dividend Equity Active ETF is a value strategy that aims to achieve stable dividends (income gains) and medium to long term total returns. For further details on the NEXT FUNDS, please refer to

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