Manu Kumar Jain: An intriguing history

Who is Manu Kumar Jain?

Manu Kumar Jain is an Indian entrepreneur and managing director known for transforming the smartphone company Xiaomi to its current heights as India’s top-selling phone.

Jain has accomplished a $2 billion net worth in his 20-year career, priding himself on generating tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in profits for his native India.

Manu Kumar Jain
Manu Kumar Jain (Source: Instagram)

What is Manu Kumar Jain’s family and education background?

Manu Kumar Jain was born in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh to business-savvy parents who prioritized his education from a young age. 

Jain attended private school during his formative years before entering university at IIT Delhi, earning a bachelor’s in Tech. After that, he earned an MBA from the ESCP Business School. His career started promptly after graduation in 2007.

Manu Kumar Jain
Manu Kumar Jain (Source: Instagram)

What is Manu Kumar Jain’s Professional History?

Manu Kumar Jain’s professional history is one of the most dynamic of any billionaire.

He started his career as a Senior Associate at Headstrong but soon moved on to become a manager at McKinsey & Company’s Sales, Finance, and Automobiles department

After a stint at Tata Administrative Services, Manu Kumar Jain ventured into entrepreneurship, opening his own firm with his wife.

In 2012, Jain founded the company Jabong, earning financial success and making a name for himself in the business world.

He landed a job at Xiaomi in 2014, and his business savvy single-handedly brought the smartphone company to the forefront of Indian sales.

Manu Kumar Jain
Manu Kumar Jain (Source: Instagram)

Why did Manu Kumar Jain decide to leave Xiaomi?

Manu Kumar Jain announced his departure from Xiaomi via Twitter in a lengthy and conciliatory post highlighting his achievements for the company and India during his 9-year tenure. 

He had first changed positions within Xiaomi to head their global operations in Dubai. His entrepreneurial spirit is behind his decision to leave Xiaomi, citing the need to conjure new ideas and materialize new companies.