LEE SI-YOUNG: How she made a TikTok fortune

Lee Si-young has more than 17 million followers on TikTok – and it’s proving a lucrative medium!

In this article, we reveal how the South Korean actress and former amateur boxer has used her ever-growing social media presence to build an amazing net worth.

From photos showing ripped-abs to amazing workout videos, we’ll show you how she made it!

Who is Lee Si-Young?

Born on April 17, 1982, Lee Si Young started her career as a model before transitioning to acting.

She is best known for her roles in Korean dramas and films, such as “Cruel City”, “My Wife is Having an Affair This Week”, and “Running Man”.

Aside from acting, Lee Si-Young has had also made a name for herself as an amateur boxer. She trained and competed as a welterweight and middleweight in the Korean National Sports Festival, where she won multiple medals.

This background in boxing has helped her to perform in action-packed scenes in her acting roles, making her a versatile performer in both drama and action genres.

Lee Si-Young
Lee Si-Young (Source: Instagram)

How Lee Si-Young became an influencer

In recent years, Lee has gained recognition for her dedication to fitness and healthy living.

She frequently posts workout videos and photos on social media, inspiring her fans to lead active and healthy lifestyles.

Lee has also endorsed various fitness brands and products, further emphasizing her reputation as a fitness icon.

Lee Si-Young’s charity work

Aside from her work in entertainment and fitness, Lee is also known for her philanthropic efforts.

She is an ambassador for various charities and causes, such as animal welfare and children’s education. In 2016, she was honored by the Korean government for her charitable work, receiving the “Special Achievement Award” at the Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards.

Lee Si-young’s versatility and hard work have made her a role model and an inspiring figure to many people.

Lee Si-young
Lee Si-young (Source: Instagram)

Lee Si-Young’s Husband

Lee Si-young is married to Cho Seong-hyung, who she met through mutual friends and first began dating in August of 2016.

The romance has been described as “like a fairytale K-drama”. Despite having different careers and worlds, their love has reportedly only grown stronger.

In 2017, Lee Si-young confirmed their marriage through her Instagram account, after her publicist previously denied wedding rumors. She shared that she was 14 weeks pregnant and that she and her partner decided to get married as soon as possible.

The couple tied the knot in a hotel in Seoul, South Korea in September 2017.

Lee Si-young
Lee Si-young and Cho Seong-hyun on their wedding day.

Cho Seong-hyun is not a celebrity, but it’s known that he’s an entrepreneur and the owner of a franchise restaurant. He’s known for his wealth and has an estimated annual salary of 2.2 million USD.

Cho Seong-hyunbuilt his business from his twenties and also owns other businesses, such as a rooftop bar and a salad shop for his wife.

Despite being a private person, Cho Seong-hyun is known as a supportive and loving husband to Lee Si-young.

Lee Si-young
Lee Si-Young and her son Jung Yoon. (Source: Koreaboo.com)

Lee Si-Young’s child

In January 2018, Lee Si-young and her husband became parents for the first time, welcoming a healthy baby boy.

Despite their busy schedules, the couple has been enjoying their new life as parents. Lee Si-young appeared on MBC’s Omniscient Interfering View with her son, Jung Yoon, who has a great vocabulary due to his love for books.

Lee Si-Young
Lee Si-Young and her son Jung Yoon. (Source: Instagram)

Lee Si-young’s net worth

Ok, now it’s time to reveal Lee Si-young’s net worth!

Research my Asia Markets indicates that as a result of her acting work and social media stardom she has a net worth of approximately US$40 million.

The exact amount of wealth someone has is often not publicly disclosed, and can be subject to change – but this is the most accurate figure based on publicly available information.