Jon Bernthal’s Russian Mafia Horror Story: Here’s exactly what happened

American actor Jon Bernthal has revealed a sickening horror story from his time spent in Russia.

The actor, most famous playing Shane Walsh in The Walking Dead, moved to Russia in 1999 as a 23 year to study at the Moscow Art Theater School.

In an interview on the Joe Rogan Podcast, he told of how he was confronted by police with AK-47’s, and then later watched a female get bashed by Russian mafia.

He said it all began when he accidentally left his immigration papers at his apartment on his first day at the theater school.

“I got completely f**king lost and I just had no idea where I was… I’m three days in Russia,” Jon Bernthal recounted.

“It’s getting dark, I’m screwing up, I finally make it back to my place, I get my papers, I make it back to my school but now I’ve missed the first day and I’m on the wrong side of Tverskaya which is like this main street about 16 lanes and I got to get to the other side to get to school.

“I’m like dodging cars like a total a** hole and I can’t get to the other side.

“As soon as I get to the other side, boom! AK-47’s in my face, Russia police are right there… You’re supposed to cross below, I didn’t know that, they’re yelling at me it Russian, I give them 20 rubles.”

From bad to worse for Jon Bernthal

He then told Joe Rogan he was so shaken and exhausted, he proceeded to go to McDonalds for dinner.

That’s when things got even worse.

“I’m walking down the street, I’m all by myself, it’s pitch black… And this Mercedes pulls up in front of me and these two guys get out of the front seat and they reach into the back seat and they grab something out.

“I see it’s this woman with beautiful red hair and she’s in a beautiful cocktail dress and they’re pulling her out of the back seat of this Mercedes.

“I’m the only one on the street and they clearly don’t see me, but this woman sees me, she makes direct eye contact with me… They’re pulling her out of the back seat, she’s not fighting them, but she’s not helping them either. She was just completely limp and being dragged.

“They take her over to this building and they start like opening her head up against the side of this building. So, I like forgot where I was and I ran at this guy and I grabbed him and in English I’m like ‘man, what the fuck are you doing, what are you doing?’

“And he just pulled out a gun and put it right to my forehead and he said in English ‘go away’, and I knew in an instant it was like I was a bug, I knew this was a completely different level, so I just walked away listening to what they’re doing. It was day 3 (in Russia).”