How you can score free Cathay Pacific flights just by being active

Hong Kong’s premier airline Cathay Pacific has just announced the launch of a new wellness activity tracker application and a partnership with a leading Hong Kong-based health insurer.

The best part is – you can now earn points and be rewarded with free Cathay Pacific flights, simply for having a healthy lifestyle.

Health companion app

The airline, beaten down by COVID-19 travel restrictions over the past two years, labels this “a new frontier of health and wellness”.

The new Cathay Pacific wellness app rewards Hong Kong-based Marco Polo Club and Asia Miles members with miles as they take steps towards sustainable, better health.

Members can now earn miles every day by completing daily wellness goals – without the need to spend a dollar. In addition, members insured under select Cigna health plans can earn 5x miles on Cathay’s wellness journey when completing their daily wellness goals on the Cathay app.

Asia Markets has been given a break down of the points on offer:

Up to 7 miles per day by completing six daily goals to improve aspects of mind, body and diet. This includes talking 10,000 steps a day, doing 20 minutes of yoga, eating enough fruit and vegetables, getting a good night’s sleep of at least 7 hours.

First-time ‘wellness journey users’ will also get 100 miles upon profile completion when they first receive their personal Health Score.

“At Cathay, we are ultimately trusted to help people move forward in life. With wellness, we aim to empower our members to make the most of what lies ahead and move beyond what they previously thought possible,” said Cathay Director Customer Lifestyle, Paul Smitton.

“Embarking upon an uplifting wellness journey can be challenging. We wish to help our members by encouraging and rewarding positive lifestyle habits that will lead to a better quality of life and health outcomes.  With our new virtual companion, we aim to remove the obstacles they face as they make efforts to elevate their lives.’’

Insurance partnership

Cathay Pacific flights can also be earned via a new health insurance partnerships between Cathay and Cigna Hong Kong.

The Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan is the only insurance product where members can directly earn and use miles when purchasing through Cathay.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness of the importance of health care protection, and has resulted in greater focus on overall physical and mental wellbeing,” Said Chief Executive Officer of Cigna Hong Kong, Jonathan Spiers.

“As a global health service leader, Cigna Hong Kong is delighted to collaborate with Cathay to launch the Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan, providing comprehensive health plans with flexible coverage options that are tailored to support the diverse wellness needs of Cathay customers. The health plans will help customers better protect themselves, offering peace of mind in unpredictable times.”

Policyholders can earn 5,000 miles per insurance policy purchase and those insured on policies can earn up to an additional 5,000 miles by registering for a ‘wellness journey’ on the new Cathay Pacific wellness app and completing at least one daily goal within 14 days of policy inception.

Those insured under a Cigna insurance policy purchased via Cathay who give their Asia Miles number at the time of purchase are automatically upgraded to the elevated wellness journey on the Cathay app, enabling them to enjoy 5x miles when completing their daily goals (up to 12,775 miles a year) along with even more rewards, perks and challenges. 

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