Horst Julius Pudwill: From engineer to manufacturing mogul

Horst Julius Pudwill is a German engineer turned business mogul who co-founded the successful manufacturing company Techtronic Industries.

Pudwill grew up and worked in Germany before moving to Hong Kong and switching career paths from an engineer to a manufacturing entrepreneur. He is currently one of Hong Kong’s 50 richest entrepreneurs and continues to be a model business leader in the manufacturing industry at 77 years of age. 

What is Horst Julius Pudwill’s educational background?

Horst Julius Pudwill attended a technical university in Flensburg, Germany. He graduated with a master’s in engineering. He worked as an engineer in Germany for the Volkswagen company upon graduation. 

His years in the automotive industry, working with heavy machinery, sparked his interest in the manufacturing industry. 

When did Horst Julius Pudwill change from Engineer to Manufacturing?

Horst Julius Pudwill left Germany for Hong Kong in 1975 and began working his way up the manufacturing industry ladder in the late 70s and early 80s. By 1985, Pudwill partnered with Hong Kong businessman Roy Chi Ping Chung to co-found Techtronic Industries.

The manufacturing company garnered multi-million dollar success when it began supplying products to American and European brands. 

What is Pudwill’s current business position?

Along with being the CEO and founder of Techtronic Industries, Horst Julius Pudwill is also the director of Ryobi Technologies, Vx Ltd, and co-founder of Novatel Inc. His current net worth is over 4 billion dollars.

What is Techtronic Industries and what does the Future look Like?

Techtronic Industries is a manufacturing company that produces power tools and appliances, the most famous of which is the Hoover vacuum cleaner. Pudwill’s only son Stephan is now a part of the company, working as Vice Chairman until his father’s retirement.