Holding Chinese stocks for next 80 years: Legendary investor Jim Rogers

Chinese stocks remain an exceptional long term investment despite years of underperformance, according to the long-time business partner of George Soros, Jim Rogers.

Rogers, who co-founded Quantum Funds Management and Soros Funds Management alongside Soros, spoke about his views on Chinese stocks on the latest episode of the Meb Faber show.

“The Chinese market is very cheap right now and China might be continuing to grow as a very important and successful country.

“I have investments in China… I hope that one day my kids say ‘oh my god’, he must have been a smart guy, look at all these Chinese shares we own. 80 years from now, I hope they’re rich from these Chinese shares I’ll never sell.”

Rogers said investors shouldn’t be confined to their domestic stock markets, with opportunities to buy undervalued shares presenting globally.

“If you go into your own home and look around you can see things from other countries, so why limit your investments to only one country, there are opportunites.

“If you can find the right management, with the right products, you can make a lot of money wherever the company is.”

Stock market opportunities in Russia and Ukraine

One part of the world Rogers said he’s particularly interested in right now is Eastern Europe.

“As I look round the world right now, some of the great opportunities I see is Russia and Ukraine. I’ve learnt that if you invest in a country at war, near the end of the war, you usually make a lot of money.

“Now I’m not investing in Russia and Ukraine at the moment but I would like to.”

He also mentioned Venezuela and Uzbekistan as other countries he’s finding attractive investment opportunities right now, referring them both as “disasters”.

“I have learnt that throughout history if you invest in a country that’s a disaster, usually if you have staying power you’re going to have a lot of money, because no country stays a disaster forever, even if it goes bankrupt or even if it loses a war.”

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