FTX clients’ bank accounts are under attack

FTX users with bank accounts linked to FTX US are being urged to secure their bank accounts immediately.

On Saturday, Mike McGuiness, a New York-based software engineer and co-founder of Web3 platform GM Labs, shared a screen shot on Twitter of what he says shows hackers trying to access his bank account.

The hack attempt happened around 11:30AM EST on Saturday.

“PSA: If you have a bank account linked to FTX US, change your bank account password and stop sharing data immediately. Below is a screenshot of my bank account, which they tried accessing 40 mins ago.” said McGuiness.

FTX bank accounts
Shared by @mikemcg0 on Twitter

McGuiness went on to clarify that no funds were withdrawn from his bank.

“Only information was accessed. I received the message below, checked my bank account, saw that my information had been accessed as well and sent this tweet. Everyone should still revoke access to be safe,” he said.

Other Twitter users also reported suspicious activity on their FTX-linked bank accounts on Saturday.

Plaid cuts FTX link

Many FTX users noting suspicious activity in their bank accounts had enabled Automated Clearing House transactions on FTX by connecting their bank accounts to the FTX app using FinTech platform, Plaid.

Plaid announced on Saturday night via Twitter that it had taken action to cut FTX from its transaction network.

“Based on concerning public reports, Plaid suspended FTX production access to Plaid’s products. We don’t currently have any indication that Plaid has been used as a vector for fraudulent activity. Security is a top priority; we’ll continue to closely monitor the situation.”

Changpeng Zhao speaks publicly

The founder of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Changpeng Zhao has spoken publicly for the first time since the collapse of FTX.

Speaking at the 4th Indonesia FinTech Summit, Zhao revelled he had suspected problems with FTX for a long period of time.

“I think the last three days is just a revelation of problems. The problems were there way longer, this problem wasn’t created in the last three days.

“Sam (Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX founder & former CEO) calls me and says hey CZ can we talk? He just said, look, we have much bigger troubles.”

“With this type of event happening, it’s devastating for the industry, so a lot of consumer confidence is shaken and I think basically we’re being set back a few years.”

Industry experts believe the value of FTX client funds lost following the collapse of the exchange could top $1.7 billion.