Faridun Shamsiddin: Russia terror suspect photographed wired to an electrocution device – was he really an IS terrorist?

Just hours after the alleged Crocus City Hall terrorist attack, alleged gunman Faridun Shamsiddin was arrested.

Images of the Tajikistan national with his pants down and testicles attached to an electric device soon began circulating online.

It was one of many photos of the four alleged gunman in the custody of Russia authorities, that were leaked online.

It quickly became clear Russian authorities were using torture methods to extract information from the suspects.

Faridun Shamsiddin
Russia terror suspect, Faridun Shamsiddin, photographed while in the custody of Russian Intelligence.

IS-K, a branch of the ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility.

However, the suspected gunmen didn’t seek ‘martyrdom’ and kill themselves (a hallmark of traditional extremist islamic terror plots), which prompted many – including Russian authorities – to suspect someone else might have been behind the barbaric attack.

Asia Markets can now reveal the background of one of the suspects makes him an unlikely islamic extremist.

Faridun Shamsiddin’s family reveal explosive details

Faridun Shamsiddin (who’s name has also been spelt Faridun Shamsutdin in some media reports) was born and raised in Vakhdat, a village on the outskirts of Tajikistan’s capital, Dushanbe.

The village has reportedly been flooded with Russia intelligence operatives in recent days, with 9 people in the area arrested on Friday on suspicion of being linked to the attack.

Shamsiddin’s family has revealed he lived a life of complete contrast to a radical muslim extremist.

The 25 year old left his village for Russia in September 2023 and had been sending money back to his wife and young son.

Locals in the area told Radio Free Europe they were shocked when he was linked to an islamic terror group, saying:

“He never prayed or fasted, and he drank alcohol.”

But what’s more, it’s been revealed Faridun Shamsiddin has a dark past.

This is what a relative told Radio Free Europe on March 25:

Shamsiddin was a convicted sex offender and sentenced to seven years in prison for sexual harassment, a relative said.”

Asia Markets understands he was granted an early release from a Tajikistan prison in 2020.

It’s understood Shamsiddin’s wife, parents, and mother-in-law have been interviewed in Dushanbe by Russian and Tajikistan security services in recent days.

His sister and her family who had been living in Russia for over a year, were deported back to their home country.

Faridun Shamsiddin’s Telegram claim

A further video leaked on social media on March 23, appears to show Faridun Shamsiddin being interrogated by Russia authorities not long after his arrest in an area close to the Russia-Ukraine border.

The video shows Shamsiddin saying he got involved in the attack for “money”.

He says he was contacted by people he did not know via Telegram and they offered to pay him 1 million rubles (US$10,800) to take part in the Crocus City Hall operation.

A screen capture from the leaked video in which Shamsiddin claims to be recruited on Telegram for the Russia terror attack.

The video also shows Shamsiddin telling interrogators he had received a 50% payment.

Russian authorities are now working to trace the origins of money transfers linked to the attack.

As part of those investigations, Asia Markets has ben told data from Moscow-based cyrpotcurrency firms has been seized.

Shamsiddin appeared in a Moscow’s court on Sunday March 24, along with three other accused gunmen – Muhammadsobir Faizov, Dalerjon Mirzoev, and Saidakram Rajabalizoda.

All four are Tajikistan nationals.