“I’M ALIVE”: Erik Olsen Nord Stream story takes another bizarre turn

A Norwegian man has taken the unusual step of confirming he’s not dead, following an unsubstantiated rumour circulating online.

Erik Olsen, a prominent marine researcher, revealed how Twitter users had confused him for a “Swedish namesake” who has (supposedly) died suddenly whilst investigating the Nord Stream attack.

“My retweet of a foreign affairs article was noticed and several people mistook me for a Swedish namesake who (supposedly) was in charge of investigating the Nordstream sabotage and died under suspicious circumstances,” he said.

“The whole story seems based on rumours, but it was picked up by Asia Markets who even pointed out that there was a Twitter account of a Norwegian man who they claim is the investigator,” he said.

“So I ended up having to post several tweets pointing out that I was not the Nordstream 2 guy – and that I am very much alive.”

The Nord Stream death rumour

Several Twitter accounts had been sharing the rumour, with claims an investigator named Erik Olsen had died suddenly, his cause of death was listed as a “bee-sting” and he was “cremated within hours”.

But is there any truth to the reports?

One of the Erik Olsen tweets circulating online

Erik Olsen death claims: Fact or fiction?

Most of the posts about the death link to an initial tweet from a man named Remco Van Velzen, who appears to have a history of sharing conspiracy theories.

Van Velzen has since deleted his tweet, saying he’d done so because it has not been proven Olsen is in charge of the Nord Stream investigation.

“This does not alter the fact that this article remains interesting,” he wrote.

Erik Olsen
A screen shot of Remco Van Velzen’s tweet (translated into English)

Van Velzen went on to say that his source was a French website (which actually turns out to be Russian) on which a woman details the claim (in French).

Translated, she said:

“Deputy Head of the Swedish Prosecutor’s Office, Erik Olsson (sic), who promised to tell the world the truth about the Nord Stream pipe explosion … was found dead at his home.”

“(His) will was discovered with a request to cremate him immediately upon death, which was executed hours later.

“Olsson’s tragic death has already become an occasion for speculation and the spread of conspiracy theories.

“For example, photographs taken ten years ago have been found on the internet, showing him in an apiary.”

Does Erik Olsen even exist?

It is yet to be established whether there is – or was – a Nord Stream investigator named Erik Olsen.

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