Daxing International Airport passengers to surpass 20 million in 2021

The number of passengers transiting through the Beijing Daxing International Airport will exceed 20 million in 2021.

The airport released new passengers number data on Saturday – which marked the two-year anniversary since the airport opened.

In two year’s, the airport’s passenger throughput has totalled 38.94 million, despite unprecedented interruptions to travel resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

314,600 flights have passed through the airport since opening, which includes freight carriers carrying cargo and mail totalling 215,400 tonnes.

Beijing Daxing International Airport in numbers

The Beijing Daxing International Airport (often referred to as the New Beijing Airport) was opened in September 2019.

Its construction cost totalled $17.5 billion. The highest construction cost for an airport anywhere in the world.

The airport’s starfish-shaped terminal is the largest in the word, covering 700,000 square meters.

There are more than 70 food and beverage outlets and more than 400 self-serve flight check-in kiosks.

Currently, 26 domestic airlines, operating across 145 routes use the airport, including China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines.

It’s expected international passenger flights will recommence in 2022.

According to projections by the airport’s owner, Beijing Capital International Airport Co Ltd, 72 million passengers will pass through Daxing International by 2025, and around 100 million by 2040.

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