14 Chinese influencers dominating social media

Are you wondering who the top Chinese influencers are?

This article lists 14 people who have huge social media followings in China and have a significant impact on the country’s culture.

What makes a good Chinese influencer?

If you are active on any modern social media platform, chances are you have heard the word “influencer” get thrown around at one point or another.

Typically, individuals considered social media influencers have a large following that impacts culture and social trends.

Key opinion leaders, or KOLs, is another term for these influencers. According to social research sources, a KOL is a person or organization with expert industry knowledge and a reputation within a certain domain.

Generally, significant interest groups respect KOLs, and these individuals have substantial effects on consumer behavior, which is a critical trait.

In recent years a number of Chinese influencers have risen to prominence as KOLs – providing marketers across the globe sought-after access to Chinese consumers.

This list compiled by Asia Markets comprises of the top Chinese influencers who have built a huge network of influence, mostly without the springboard of a music or acting career.

1. Tao Liang (Mrbags)

Tao Liang, more commonly known as Mrbags, is one of the most popular Chinese influencers. On Weibo, a Chinese microblogging service, Tao Liang is known as Bags包先. He has about 5 million Weibo followers, 47.1K Instagram followers, and over 800K WeChat followers.

Bags are his specialty, as you would have guessed from his moniker. His new releases sell out in minutes. His social media popularity has earned him a spot on our list of Chinese influencers to watch.

2. Liu Genghong (Will Liu)

Liu Genghong, better known as Will Liu, is a Taiwanese musician and actor who has been in several dramas, films, and music albums. Liu is a fitness specialist in addition to his employment in the entertainment industry. 

During the Covid breakout in Shanghai, Liu Genghong became an overnight internet sensation by live-streaming training regimens from his home. He and his wife use the Xiaohongshu app and Douyin to stream fitness and dance videos five days a week.

 3. Li Jiaqi

Li Jiaqi, sometimes known as the “King of Lipstick,” is China’s best lipstick seller and one of the most popular Chinese KOLs today. Li assesses and promotes lipsticks from a variety of brands, including details on each one’s texture, scent, packaging, and wearability.

Li gained notoriety on social media in late 2017 after a two-hour Livestream event on Taobao in which he tried on 380 lipsticks. He also has around 40 million followers on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, where he live-streams his beauty and cosmetic suggestions.

4. Dipsy

Dipsy worked as a graphic designer before being chosen by Chanel to star in their 2018 Valentine’s Day commercial for the Chinese market, laying the groundwork for his fashion breakthrough. 

He has had the opportunity to collaborate with big fashion brands such as Prada, and Jo Malone during his career. He provides fashion criticism, vlogs, and live streams on his social media accounts, including his Instagram @dipdipdipsy.

5. Papi Jiang

Papi Jiang, whose true name is Jiang Yilei, is a Beijing Central Academy of Drama graduate who rose to celebrity in 2015 after posting a series of home movies on Chinese social media. 

She became so well-known the next year that she received a 12 million yuan investment from well-known Chinese talk show hosts. Now, Papi Jiang (@papi酱) has over 30 million followers on Weibo.

6. Siva Shen

Siva Shen is a well-known Chinese influencer in the fashion business. She worked as a fashion editor for the women’s magazine Grazia China before becoming an influencer.

Siva uses her social media sites (@了不起日报的了不起) to convey her vast knowledge of all things fashion. Siva tends to kick off trends that aren’t widespread.

7. Licheng Ling

Licheng Ling’s style is well-liked by a large number of people. Vogue, a fashion and lifestyle publication, has even referred to her style as “hyper-focused minimalism.”

On Weibo, Licheng has a large number of followers. She has also worked for luxury companies such as Prada and Burberry. @licheng ling is the handle for her social media accounts.

8. Viya Huang

During 2019 Singles’ Day, Viya Huang earned a name for herself by teaming with Kim Kardashian to help market the tv star’s KKW cologne.

On her Taobao account, the live streamer has nearly 19 million followers. On April 1, she sold a launch product for 40 million yuan on one of her Taobao live streams.

9. Kakakaoo

Kakakaoo’s material consists of daily vlogs and blogs, unboxing videos, and recommendations and reviews of cosmetic products.

She has also worked with high-end brands such as MAC and Burberry. In addition, in 2017, she was profiled in Vogue magazine. She also sends out her magazine to keep her followers informed. Her Instagram tag is @kakakaoo7. 

Chinese influencers
Kakakaoo’s Weibo profile

10. Zola Zhang

Zola Zhang, a professional film writer, is now one of China’s most prominent fashion bloggers and influencers. She has collaborated with over 300 brands during her influencer career, including Chanel.

She was the official stylist for Stuart Weitzman’s Spring fashion presentations across China in April 2019. Check out @zola zhang_ on Instagram.

11. Anny Fan 

Anny Fan (@Anny__Fan), who has 5.5 million followers on Weibo, is considered one of the top Chinese influencers. Louis Vuitton, Hermès, and Chanel are among the premium brands and fashion firms she represents.

She also serves as an advisor for Western brands looking to enter the very competitive Chinese market, utilizing her knowledge of online commerce.

12. Becky Li 

Becky Li worked as a journalist before becoming a prominent Chinese influencer. She chose to monetize her content by starting a WeChat blog.

Li has continued to collaborate with renowned fashion and beauty houses such as Dior, Chanel, and Guerlain. Since she was able to market 100 Mini Coopers in five minutes, she has been dubbed the Chinese Goddess of Shopping. Check out @beckys fantasy on Instagram.

13. Yuwei Zhangzhou

Yuwei Zhangzhou (@yuyuzhangzou) is a Chinese citizen from Xinjiang. She is presently residing in Shanghai, where she works as an influencer and businesswoman.

Check out her social media profiles to see her work with Kenzo, Yves Saint Laurent, and other designers.

Chinese influencers
Yuwei Zhangzhou in a WeChat video

14. Zhang Dayi

Zhang Dayi is one of China’s most popular online celebrities and the founder of a multimillion-dollar beauty and fashion company. Her Instagram can be found at the handle @milksmellbest.

This young KOL has 20 million social media followers and has won the title of “China’s most beautiful face without make-up.” 

Chinese influencers are being utilized to promote a range of different causes and products – not just fashion. If you know any that should be added to this list, let us know on Twitter @asia_markets.

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