Capitalist Exploits Review: We tried it, here’s what happened (February 2024)

Capitalist Exploits makes bold promises of 100x returns with “minimal risk”.

For sensible investors, that will ring alarm bells. 

However, since the start of 2024, we have been trialling the service for ourselves.

And the verdict?

There is good reason to believe the hype. 

BUT… before you reach for your credit card, we ask that you read this article for three reasons:

1. It’s important to educate yourself about Capitalist Exploits and whether the right service is right for you.

2. We explain how to get the most out of your subscription.

3. We have negotiated a much better price for the premium Capitalist Exploits ‘Insider’ service. (By using our link, you’ll get it $1,000 cheaper than going direct to their website).

Table of Contents

What is Capitalist Exploits?

Firstly, Capitalist Exploits is not your traditional investing resource.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The information provided is well-researched, insightful and comprehensive, but at times presented in a very unique way.

There is a lot of humour, a lot of sarcasm, and a lot of political commentary. 

Some readers will like that, some won’t.

At Asia Markets, we didn’t mind that too much, in fact we found that most of it was quite entertaining.

And even if we didn’t like it, much can be forgiven if the investment ideas and stock picks are on the money.

Let’s face it, if you’re reading this, you probably just want to know whether Capitalist Exploits can help you become a better (and more successful) investor.

To hear our views on that, read on.

Who runs Capitalist Exploits?

It almost goes without saying that the strength of an investment newsletter or service will depend on the experience, knowledge and communication skills of the people who run it.

In the case of Capitalist Exploits, the team consists of two highly respected investors:

brad mcfadden Capitalist Exploits

Brad McFadden

Brad McFadden has a background in serving high net worth clients, having  worked at Henry Ansbacher and a proprietary trading book for Rand Merchant Bank in South Africa & Australia. 

His speciality is executing strategies to achieve the asymmetric payoffs for any given thesis, and works with Chris in identifying opportunities across the world’s different markets and asset classes, and figuring out how best to execute them.

Chris MacIntosh

Chris MacIntosh is a highly successful hedge fund manager with a track record of generating impressive returns for his investors. Prior to starting hedge fund Glenorchy Capital in 2016, MacIntosh worked at several top firms including JPMorgan Chase.

He has extensive experience in the finance industry, with a deep expertise in investing, venture capital and private equity.

Key selling points

Below are the features that the team at Capitalist Exploits believes sets it apart from other investing newsletter services: 

Capitalist Exploits testimonials

Below you will be able to read exactly was we think about Capitalist Exploits, but we should also point out that at the time of publication the service has 423 reviews on Trustpilot for an impressive score of 4.9 stars!
This is extremely rare for financial publications, which can often struggle to fulfil their promises to subscribers.
Below are some recent reviews left on Trustpilot by Capitalist Exploits members:
Capitalist Exploits Review
"Chris and his crew are compassionate blokes trying to help us figure out a complicated and deceptive world. Insider is worth every penny spent."
Capitalist Exploits review
"Follow the advice given and your investments will grow, even when all the investors following mainstream investing advice are losing money hand over fist."
Capitalist Exploits Review
Craig Wells
"I am new to the investment arena, but am impressed by the high level of authentic commitment and professionalism of this well organised Capitalist Exploits team."
Capitalist exploits review
Helene Naidis

How much does it cost?

Capitalist Exploits has three tiers of membership, which range in price from $0 to $2,499 annually.
Obviously, the more you spend, the more you get in terms of investment ideas and guidance.
We recommend subscribing to the “Insider Newsletter” or the Premium “Insider” membership if you intend on acting on the investment ideas. (We have negotiated for Asia Markets readers to receive $1,000 off “Insider” if they use this link.)
If you are just testing the waters and want to see what Capitalist Exploits is all about then the free ‘Our World This Week’ will be just fine!
Below we have outlined exactly what is included with each service:

'Our World This Week'

Free weekly newsletter
$ 0 Monthly
  • Unique investment ideas
  • Global macro analysis
  • 1 email per week, no B.S.

'Insider Weekly'

Regular stock ideas and investment guidance
$ 1 For your first 30 days
($35 per month thereafter)
  • Ongoing stock ideas
  • Database of previous ideas
  • Professional investment education
  • Guidance on investing globally
  • Regular bonus content
  • No annoying marketing


The ultimate membership.
$ 1,499
(NOTE: Sale price for a limited time only)
  • Portfolio of investments
  • Ongoing guidance
  • Education in investing
  • Montly live Q&As
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Private instant chat forum
  • 30 day money back guarantee

ROAD TEST: What we think

Asia Markets was given full access to both the Insider Newsletter and “Insider” so that we could trial them for ourselves.
We have to say that by far our favourite feature is the ‘Big Five’ stocks that are provided by Chris MacIntosh.
Essentially, he lists five stocks that he is buying or watching and explains why.
Of the ones he has suggested so far, Asia Markets has invested small amounts of money in the following:

It has only been a short period of time, but as you’ll see, it’s so far so good for the investment side of things.

We also enjoy having access to the portfolios of the hedge fund managers so that, if we wish, we can align our own investments to match theirs.

Below is how a follower of their ‘Asymmetric Gains Portfolio’ is performing compared against a world stock index:

Capitalist Exploits Review
Capitalist Exploits Review

It should be noted that this is not an accurate reflection of the performance of ideas published in the Insider Newsletter, as Capitalist Exploits does not track that data (and says it has no reason to).

It is also not a suggestion you would be able to track that performance if you joined.

Instead, the charts aim to illustrate that even in very challenging market conditions, their investment theses and strategy has served their customers well.


At Asia Markets, our inbox is flooded with requests from investment newsletter publishers asking us to promote their service. 

Most are blatant scams, some are legitimate, but almost all we reject because they simply don’t provide our readers enough value.

Capitalist Exploits, however, is different.

Published by real Hedge Fund managers, it provides unrivalled market insights, real-time analysis and, most importantly, actionable investment ideas.

What we like about Capitalist Exploits, is that our readers can sign-up almost completely risk free. 

For $1, you will be allowed 30 days access to see whether the ‘Insider Newsletter’ is for you.

That means you will be shown Chris MacIntosh’s ‘Big Five’ stock pics, as well as unique research and guidance on how to position your capital.

If you feel like the service doesn’t provide value, then you can cancel before you’re charged for the following month.

To sign-up for the no-obligation trial, click HERE.

This month, Asia Markets readers receive $1,000 off the Premium ‘Insider’ product. Click here for the discount.