Best Stock Market Podcasts for 2023 revealed

The best stock market podcasts of 2023 have been revealed, with Real Vision, Motley Fool and even Morgan Stanley making the cut.

Carefully selected by Podcast news website Podbam, the list features shows that provide world-class insights, analysis and ideas.

Regardless of your investing or trading strategy, you should find something that’s right for you!

Here’s the list of the best stock market podcasts of 2023:

State of the Markets

Podbam suggests that for those seeking fresh market perspectives distinct from the mainstream, the “State of the Markets” podcast is a must-listen.

Helmed by the eminent UK-based fund manager, Tim Price, and the astute technical analyst from the UK, Paul Rodriguez (who also boasts a background as an institutional trader), the podcast stands out with its straight-talking style. Both hosts delve into pressing stock market issues with incisive viewpoints.

In every episode, Tim and Paul are joined by a guest. These guests, often overlooked by mainstream financial outlets, bring diverse expertise to the table. Together, the trio engages in insightful discussions, offering listeners a plethora of “a-ha” moments.

Real Vision: The Next Big Trade

Podbam suggests, if your stock selections have been missing the mark or if you’re in a quandary about where to invest that idle cash in your trading account, then “Real Vision’s The Next Big Trade” might just be the podcast for you.

Earning a notable spot on our “Best podcast for investing” list, this show primarily focuses on the stock market intricacies.

With a seasoned investing career spanning over 30 years, host Harry Melandri, who’s served as a portfolio manager and trader for renowned global asset firms, showcases not just his investing prowess but also his adept interviewing skills. In each episode, he brings forth fresh trade insights from top-tier expert guests. These insights pave the way for riveting discussions on macroeconomic, market, and technological trends.

Forward Guidance

Podbam says that if you’re keen on macroeconomic perspectives to enhance your stock market strategies, “Forward Guidance” is the podcast to tune into.

Anchored by the New York journalist Jack Farley, who boasts an academic grounding in economics, the show serves up frequent episodes that dive deep into the macro landscape. Throughout the week, listeners are treated to interviews with esteemed macro analysts and commentators. These specialists shed light on market segments they’re eyeing and provide projections for the immediate and long-term economic horizon.

Indeed, with “Forward Guidance,” gaining a panoramic understanding of markets and the economy to refine your investment strategies becomes seamlessly accessible.

The Market Huddle

According to Podbam, this podcast stands out with its structured approach to each episode. Hosts Patrick Ceresna and Kevin Muir initiate discussions by inviting expert market analysts. These experts furnish listeners with their investment perspectives, market trends, and more often than not, delve into broader macroeconomic narratives that influence their investment choices. Expect rich dialogues that are both profound and lasting.

As episodes wind down, three staple segments captivate listeners: “Talking Charts,” “No Stupid Questions,” and “Skin in the Game.”

In “Talking Charts,” the duo dissects intriguing market charts, offering insights into their implications on the stock market. These enlightening visuals are shared with subscribers pre-episode, with an option to visualize them on YouTube.

“Skin in the Game” lightens the mood, as Patrick and Kevin daringly put their predictions to the test, occasionally even placing fun dinner wagers with their audience. The episode wraps up with “No Stupid Questions,” where they address queries from listeners, guiding them on stock picks, strategies, and market forecasts.

The synergy between Patrick and Kevin, both fervent and accomplished market thinkers, ensures listeners get a balanced cocktail of entertainment and expert insights. And, let’s not overlook the customary brewski they feature in every episode — a quirky touch!

Morgan Stanley Thoughts on the Market

Podbam points out that “Thoughts on the Market” grants listeners a rare pass into Morgan Stanley’s vault of global investment expertise — a privilege previously reserved for the firm’s elite clientele. Isn’t it remarkable how podcasts have democratized information?

These concise episodes often spotlight a current theme, calling upon Morgan Stanley’s experts to unfold their research and insights. Notably, some standout episodes plunge into niche stock market sectors or asset categories, furnishing listeners with tangible investment guidance.

The microphone is helmed by a rotating cadre of Morgan Stanley’s upper echelon, ensuring a fresh perspective each time. And, with frequent episodes dropped weekly, there’s always a fresh dose of financial wisdom awaiting the audience.

Barron’s Streetwise

Barron’s Streetwise podcast, anchored by the renowned Barron’s columnist, Jack Hough, transforms stock market insights into immersive short-form audio stories. With each episode crafted meticulously, Jack dives deep into pressing market issues, interspersed with snippets from industry experts, providing an engaging narrative that resonates with investors across the spectrum.

Setting the tone with casual banter, Jack seamlessly transitions into a comprehensive 15-minute analysis of trending market topics, be it the viability of investing in China or the nuances of fertilizer stocks. As episodes draw to a close, he shifts gears to highlight specific stocks, aided by insights from top stock analysts, insiders, and economic maestros.

Jack’s prowess doesn’t just stop at his investigative skills. His unique blend of sharp wit and easy-to-grasp presentation makes the podcast a delightful listen for both seasoned investors and novices alike.

Listeners can eagerly await a fresh episode every week, ensuring they stay abreast of the ever-evolving stock market landscape.

Daily Stock Market News

For those seeking a daily digest of stock market developments, Podbam recommends tuning into this podcast. Anchored by seasoned stock traders, Markus Heitkoetter and Mark Hodge, the show serves up the latest market news, paired with an analytical deep dive into its ramifications for investment choices. What sets this podcast apart is its personal touch: Markus and Mark don’t just analyze the news, they shed light on its influence on their own trading decisions.

So, as you sip your morning coffee, let Markus and Mark guide you through the stock market’s ebbs and flows with a fresh episode every day. A perfect blend of information and insight to kickstart your trading day.

Motley Fool Money

For a quick yet comprehensive roundup of the day’s top financial news, look no further than the daily podcast, Motley Fool Money. In just 20 minutes, you’ll get the lowdown on the market’s significant headlines.

The charismatic Chris Hill, a seasoned hand from the acclaimed Motley Fool publication, takes the helm of the podcast. His skilful hosting combined with riveting conversations with Motley Fool analysts (and occasionally special external voices) ensures listeners are always in the know about pressing market topics.

It’s not just about the broader market perspective; Chris and his crew dive deep into specific stocks, sectors, and their underlying fundamentals, offering listeners insights into earnings reports, major announcements, and long-term prospects.

For those keen on staying updated with pivotal stock market updates, making Motley Fool Money a part of your daily routine is a smart move.


Podbam’s recommendations for 2023 not only ensure that investors are equipped with world-class insights but also assist in sophisticated market and economic analysis.

These podcasts promise a blend of knowledge and strategy that will help investors distinguish themselves from the herd.

In addition to this list, Podbam encourages investors to explore its “Best value investing podcasts” list for more comprehensive stock market insights.